What to Expect

At BMA you will discover a warm group of real people dedicated to raising boys to become champions of life - a life as God intended.  Take time to tour our website, here is what you can expect…

Start Here - Foundations

Just like building a house there has to be a strong foundation set in place.  We offer three Foundation Courses:

  • Three Big Questions (life purpose, values & personal Mission)
  • Raising a Modern Day Knight (based on the classic book by Robert Lewis)
  • 12 Spiritual Disciplines for Raising a Boy into Manhood

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Commitment to the journey ...

Linked to the Foundation Series one of the first events you experience is a Commitment Retreat. Several formats are offered - match it to your circumstance (Father/Son, Small Group, Weekend or Adventure Retreat)

Training For Life

Our "Training For Life" banner serves as a roadmap for ages 5-21. This beautiful banner is an excellent wall hanging that serves as a daily reminder about the journey into manhood.  Available in several formats order yours today by completing the Members Form.

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Looking "under the hood"

We provide our members fresh content that is focused on action, adventure and age appropriate.  

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