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BMA is eager to welcome you and the boy(s) you are raising! Check out the resources we offer as you journey down the exciting and challenging path of raising boys! We want to walk with you, equip & challenge you.


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Join our next Men's Purity Group using the Conquer Series
Two types of groups available:
- In person face-to-face meeting
- Online group
Send a note for more information, current dates and times of these opportunities.



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12 Spiritual Disciplines for Men: Prayer

  What can you do today to strengthen your prayer life? Having a relationship with God is not something that we check off on the list of must-do’s-in-life one time and then we are done with it. The reward of having a relationship with...


12 Spiritual Disciplines for Men: The Bible

Is your life being changed by God’s Word? God has given us the Bible - His very own words - with the intention that it would change the way that we live. Everything that God says demands a response. This means the Bible demands a response...


12 Spiritual Disciplines for Men: Creation

It's been said that we are "eternal beings on an earthly journey". This represents a holistic world view of the eternal questions of why we are here, our purpose and mission in life. This series addresses the spiritual foundation necessary to...



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Adventure 001 - Stargazing

Connect to God through nature by considering the wonder, the awesomeness and grandeur of his creation. No matter where you live you can enjoy the view in the sky ...