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12 Spiritual Disciplines for Men: Prayer


What can you do today to strengthen your prayer life?

Having a relationship with God is not something that we check off on the list of must-do’s-in-life one time and then we are done with it. The reward of having a relationship with Jesus is more than “ a ticket into heaven,” it is being able to commune with him regularly!

But, if you never do this, can you even say you have a relationship with Him?

Maybe so, but I would say a very distant one at best!

As with any other relationship in life, the more time you spend with him/her, the closer you are together. But when our relationship with God begins to fade, it is usually because we have stopped spending time with Him - not that He has stopped spending time with us.

Where are you today? Can you honestly say that you have a strong prayer life?

Don’t be afraid to admit that your prayer life could use a little work because, honestly, we could all do a lot better!

Every day, we have a choice to make: are we going to spend time with God or not?

Prayer is the most integral aspect of your relationship with God because it is the direct line of communication between you and the God of the Universe!

Maybe, for you,  praying is awkward? Maybe, you are upset with God? Maybe, you just don’t feel like you have the time? Or maybe you don’t think that it’s even worth the time?

I guarantee that when you look back on your life, neither you nor your family will regret spending more time with God. In fact, as a father/mentor, your God-ordained responsibility is to lead your son(s) and mentees in a relationship with God. But remember, we must lead by example first and foremost. It is not only good enough to talk-the-talk but we must also walk-the-walk.

Will you answer the call?

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